F.R.S (Pty) Ltd

FRS – Fire Risk solutions has specialized in fire protection since 1993. We offer fire protection systems and services to customers throughout South-Africa. With multiple locations, FRS has the resources and experience to handle any project with the hands on approach our customers have come to expect.

With so much at stake, it pays to go with a recognized leader in fire protection. FRS handles all phases of fire protection, including pre-planning, engineering and design, coordination, project management, and installation. We also specialize in testing, inspection, repair and maintenance of these systems to assure continued proper functioning.

The qualified professionals at FRS recognize that each customer has unique needs. Regulatory codes, insurance specifications, environmental and operational concerns are routinely balanced within budget parameters. Our in-house staff of engineers, project managers, and experienced field installation and service technicians are specialists, qualified to evaluate, layout, fabricate, install and service the optimal fire protection system for your needs – on time and within budget.

Our core business component is made up of Three segments of professional personnel; Project Management Services, Fire Sprinkler systems, Fire detection systems and Gaseous Fire suppression systems. F.R.S (Pty) Ltd is a qualified level 1 BBBEE accredited contributor, all our Fire Engineers, technicians, consultants and installers are registered with the with appropriate national bodies.

F.R.S (Pty) Ltd Ltd is a certified level 1 B-BBEE accredited contributor, all our Engineers are registered with (ECSA) Engineering Council of South Africa and all our senior Engineers are LEEDS certified.

F.R.S (Pty) Ltd endeavor at all times to uphold its reputation, with the Installation of quality products and services within the fire engineering arena. We passionately believe that delivering quality, health & safety and environmental best practice is fundamental to the success of the company. It is the policy of F.R.S (Pty) Ltd to continually meet and exceed customers’ requirements whilst maintaining profitably, therefore ensuring the organizations future prosperity.

To achieve this aim we have adopted a policy to establish, maintain and develop an effective Quality Management system based on the requirements of ISO9001:2008 Standards. The system is not limited by this standard and in addition, through programs of continuous improvement, in which all employees are required to participate, the system will continually be reviewed and improved.

It is the responsibility of each individual employee to fully understand and comply with the company policy in the most effective way. Practical assistance and training will be given to ensure the relevant knowledge and experience as acquired to successfully increase his or her standard of workmanship. Our training policy is to ensure that our people at all levels are suitably qualified and trained for the tasks that they are required to undertake by providing ongoing training and educational program’s.

With the assistance contributed by the Quality Team Members, the Quality Management Representative (QMR) is responsible for developing, implementing, monitoring, and maintaining the system in compliance with this Quality Policy Statement.

F.R.S (Pty) Ltd will not compromise the integrity of its products and services in an attempt to satisfy short term goals. We are committed to long-term growth, financial stability and continuous upliftment of our employees and will achieve this by utilizing a business approach that takes into account the needs of all our clients and which encompasses an attitude of ‘Quality First’.

F.R.S (Pty) Ltd will determine measurable quality objectives during management reviews.

The Management of  F.R.S (Pty) Ltd considers nothing more important than the promotion of Health and Safety.It is our policy therefore to promote and maintain a safe working environment to ensure the health and safety of our employees.

The objective will only be achieved by consistent high standards of training and information sharing. Employees are familiarized with the procedures and regulations of the OHS Act, 85 of 1993.

Our health & safety policies, F.R.S (Pty) Ltd has committed itself to provide the necessary leadership and support to develop and maintain the Safety Management Program which implements the following objectives:

  • Prompt accident and incident notification,
  • investigation and reporting by employees at all levels.
  • The reduction of injuries
  • elimination of hazards that may threaten the well being of our people.
  • Ensuring a healthy and productive working environment.
  • The prevention, reduction, elimination and control of incidents.

We need to minimize the impact, which its activities have on the environment by applying appropriate, cost effective measures to foster environmental, sustainable economic development. The following principals are embodied in the Company’s Environmental Management Program and practices:

  • Environmental concerns are part of the day to day activities of the Company’s operations. All activities, from planning to implementation of projects, incorporate efficient use of resources and minimization of both environmental impacts and waste generation.
  • The Company strives for continuous improvement of environmental performance in the light of economic, technical and scientific change.

Our Vision and Mission provides the foundation upon which our beliefs of redressing imbalances and to meet our client needs with quality Fire Reticulation Systems , knowledge and expansion is paramount to our growth, training and embracing latest technology and expanding our industry related services

We provide the platforms upon which our staff can enhance and develop their skills within the Engineering Fire Reticulations Systems and Installations.


To provide and empower learners with technical skills and to meet the demand required by identified clients


Equipping employees with specifically focused technical and fire reticulations systems skills

  • Providing customer directed training and capacity building courses that comply fully with national quality requirements and legislation in the fields of further education.
  • Enhancing the skill and competency base of clients to support and enhance sustainable economic growth and prosperity
  • Provide site specific training
  • Provide focused and relevant skills training programs that will add value to employee and geared to client and customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure that all the programs, training and outcomes conforms to specified standards for this industry
  • Strive to obtain measurable and ongoing improvement in our employees-performance output
  • Design and structure training and skills programs in flexible ways which make them easily accessible and economic without compromising quality.


In delivering our mission F.R.S (Pty) Ltd aims to fully adhere to the following core values :


  • The Fire Protection Industries Education and Training Authority (SAQCC)
  • The Services Sector Education and Training Authority Services (SETA)
  • The Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA)
  • The South Africa Bureau of Standards (SABS) for ISO 9001

F.R.S (Pty) Ltd has both its head office and fabrication facility in Gauteng as well as strategically placed divisional offices in Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, and Western Cape.

In addition, we have representation across Africa in Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and Algeria.

F.R.S (Pty) Ltd has the capacity to complete large scale projects throughout Africa and we are pursuing new goals and successes in Africa. Our offerings to clients on the continent are founded on more than eleven years of experience in building our footprint on the African continent.

Our experience in completing contracts on time and within budget enables us to provide competitive cost and installation advantages to local and international clients, who are increasingly insistent on utilizing recognized leaders in the fire protection industry.

Our core business component is made up of Five segments of professional personnel

  • Project Management Services,
  • Fire Protection Installation & Maintenance,
  • CCTV,
  • Access Control &
  • Disciplined Engineering Services.

F.R.S (Pty) Ltd is a qualified level 1 BBBEE accredited contributor

All our Engineers are registered with (ECSA) Engineering Council of South Africa and all our senior Engineers are LEEDS certified. All our statutory requirements include but not limited to CIDB 4GB, SABS, ASIB, SAQCC, FDIA, NFPA, FPA, FFETA, BEE, PSIRA, MHSA and the OSHA standards.

Knowledge expansion is paramount to our growth

Embracing technology and expanding our industry related services. We pride ourselves in keeping up with industry news, new technology, new products and daily maintenance schedules – We pride ourselves by informing all our clients that they are dealing with a company that takes Fire protection and Access Control seriously.

Through our ‘innovative’ hands-on approach, we always ensure that our clients are up to date with new legislative requirements and all their fire protection needs are met on a daily basis. It is this approach that has helped us develop the reputation we have today.

Our organization offers:

Fire Protection supplies, service’s and maintains all Portable Fire Equipment as well as Automatic Fire Suppression/Detection Systems. All sites that are serviced and maintained by F.R.S (Pty) Ltd will be issued a daily report electronically as well as an in depth report every week. Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports will be filed and left on site for any site personnel’s inspection, transparency is an additional key to our success.

Components when required:

A reflection of our loyalty and business integrity, we import both stock and indent products from our network partners across the globe. We have a local supplier database that assembles equipment using imported and locally manufactured components which in turn guarantees competitive pricing.


We provide technical, commercial and backup support throughout  Southern Africa service providers of automatic fire suppression systems. Included F.R.S (Pty) Ltd have key distribution partners located throughout Africa that provide recharge facilities. These partners are graded in terms of their allocation of resources in providing fire suppression systems. We encourage all our service providers to undertake capability training to ensure they can tackle competently not only the installation of fire suppression systems but also the system’s lifetime maintenance.

Our Mission

To provide quality fire safety engineering services to support our clients’ loss control objectives and assist in their understanding of technical issues related to fire and explosions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a trusted leader in fire safety through the development of technical staff excellence, always keeping up with new innovative fire technology, establishing a high level of ethical practice and working with our clients to meet their safety objectives.

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