Important functions of a Fire Alarm System

The single most important factor in surviving a fire incident is a timely and orderly evacuation.

The single most important factor in that evacuation is early notification of the existence of fire.

The most effective way of receiving early notification is in the form of a fire detection and alarm system.

Besides providing early notification, the fire alarm system also performs the following critical functions, Whenever applicable:


  • Shuts down AHUs to limit the spread of fire and minimize smoke exposure of occupants
  • Closes fire doors held open electrically to limit the spread of fire
  • Starts pressurization fans to clear stairways of smoke for occupants to escape
  • Stops ventilation fans in car parks to contain the spread of fire
  • Closes roller shutters to provide fire barriers and limit the spread of fire
  • Automatically alerts the fire brigade to reduce attendance time
  • Brings passenger lifts to the ground floor and prevent them from further use
  • Monitors sprinkler, pressurized hydrant and hose reel pumps
  • Monitors CO2 or other total flooding systems


Being the central component of any fire protection installation, the fire alarm system deserves the Highest level of care and maintenance is achievable It is only as effective as the quality of care and Maintenance the system receives. Due to system complexity and specialized expertise required to Maintain this life-safety system, the maintenance task is often outsourced to a supplier, manufacturer Or specialized contractors.

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