Sprinkler Valve Overhauling

Due to the nature of sprinkler alarm valves for the protection of lives and property it is necessary to service and overhaul the valves at least every 3 years in accordance to relevant standards.


ASIB rules 11/12th edition and NFPA 13/15/16 rules.

The service is to be carried out by a competent experienced technician.


An ASIB registered company utilizes original gasket sets supplied by the OEM complete with date and registration tag. Improvised gasket sets are not allowed as this compromises the integrity of the system and approvals of the valve.


Valve overhaul to consist of

Cleaning valve and painting

De-scaling inside valve

Replace inner gasket

Replace outer gasket

Inspect all gaskets

Pressurize system

Flush system where allowed


For further information, or if you would like a quotation on servicing your sprinkler valves, then call our offices on 087-550-3233 or email us at info@frssa.co.za

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