Fire Sprinkler systems

A full range of fire sprinkler systems to suit any environment


F.R.S – FIRE RISK SOLUTIONS design, install and maintain a range of sprinkler systems to suit the requirements of our clients’ facilities as well as to ensure that the system complies to national and international regulations

We work closely with our clients to assess their needs and their facility layout and usage. We offer a range of different sprinkler systems to suit a variety of environments.

In many situations, a traditional wet sprinkler system is ideal. These systems are permanently charged with water and when the heat of a fire rises to the high level of the sprinkler heads, this heat causes the bulb or the fusible link within the sprinkler head to break, triggering the release of the water. Not all sprinkler heads are activated in these systems, but only those that are over the area of the fire. These systems provide great water coverage to control or extinguish the fire whilst minimising water damage.

In warehousing and factory environments where there are large areas of racking, F.R.S – FIRE RISK SOLUTIONS also offer in-rack sprinkler systems that are designed specifically for use in these situations.

Dry sprinkler systems are also available for unheated buildings, freezers or chilled areas where a wet sprinkler system would be at risk of freezing. The dry systems have no water in the pipes but are instead charged with compressed air – when a sprinkler head is activated, the drop in the air pressure opens the main control valve, located in a heated part of the building or heated valve enclosure, to introduce water into the system. Pre-action systems are also available, which include a second detection source such as linear heat detection, pneumatic pilot line detection, UV flame detectors or smoke detectors.  Pre-action systems safeguard against accidental discharge in areas of high value or sensitive stock.

F.R.S – FIRE RISK SOLUTIONS are also pleased to be able to offer the new QUELL™ sprinkler systems which are the first systems of their kind to offer protection for freezers and chilled environments from the roof only, up to a height of 16.8m.

These systems have been designed to use a ‘surround and drown’ method to very quickly reduce heat and to minimise the damage to your storage facility and goods.

Added peace of mind – Continuing Support

A sprinkler system from F.R.S – FIRE RISK SOLUTIONS offers you total peace of mind – all of our systems are designed in-house and signed off by a registered Fire engineer following a site survey and consultation with the insurer. Whether you are still in the very early stages of building, planning, or need a system to be added into an existing building, we will provide a detailed technical specification and full quotation, free of charge.

All sprinkler system installation contracts include initial training of your on-site staff so that you are fully equipped to carry out regular testing routines, a 12-month warranty and free servicing for the first 12 months.

For further information, or if you would like a quotation for a Fire Sprinkler system, then call our offices on 087-550-3233 or email us at

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