Water Mist Systems

How do water mist fire suppression systems work?

This is a simple but effective fire suppression solution. Water misting fire suppression solutions work only when the heat is sufficient to draw in the micro particles of water.

As the heat intensifies, water droplet particles are drawn into the fuel/heat mixture and this creates a cooling effect and the fire is extinguished or suppressed.

Water mist fire suppression has limited uses and is not suitable for IT infrastructures or in applications which will be harmed by the post discharged reformed water droplets.

There are two water mist systems available; High Pressure and Low Pressure.

The benefits

With any fire alarm activation in public places or buildings, we automatically think of the traditional water sprinkler system. But the traditional sprinkler system as an effective method of fire suppression has moved on.

Water mist applications include:-

Gas Turbines
Fuel storage
Restaurant and commercial catering
Chemical Stores
Life safety systems


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