Commonly practiced maintenance programs

Comprehensive maintenance

Maintenance of the fire alarm system, together with other building services, are managed by a Facilities Management Company. For larger facilities, the Facilities Managers (FM) usually has a Dedicated on-site maintenance teams handling planned and unplanned maintenance tasks.

Having a Professional maintenance team on-site enables the daily and weekly preventive maintenance tasks Listed in table 2 above to be performed more effectively.

In a scenario where the FM is obligated by such an SLA, the fire alarm system has the best chance of Getting the level of care and maintenance it deserves.

Zero-based maintenance

Ignorant or low safety-conscious property owners sometimes adopt the zero-based maintenance Program, where no maintenance action is undertaken until a breakdown is discovered. In this case, maintenance is totally reactive and unplanned.

This form of maintenance strategy is meant for minor non-critical assets and those assets planned for refurbishment, replacement or disposal. Unfortunately, there are cases where a critical life-safety asset like the fire alarm system is being maintained in this manner.

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